Q: What is it made of?

A: - made of cotton. 

- It's the inner layer that provides the heat protection against your skin.  It's made of Insul-Bright® which consists of polyester fibers needle-punched through a nonwoven substrate and through a reflective metallized film.  The needled material breathes & wont break down with washing.  The fiber resists conduction while the reflective metallized film resists radiant energy.  The energy, hot or cold, is reflected back to its source. (Same as what is inside an oven mitt).

-The Bottom layer (touching your skin) is made of broadcloth polyester/cotton blend. 

Q: What are the dimensions?

A: The neck collar section is approximately 19" x 2 1/2" x 1/8".  The removable skirt section is approximately 15" x 5".

Q: How do I wash it?

A: Machine wash cold with like colors, lay flat to dry. 

Q: What is the return policy?

A: Not eligible for return if used.  (Be sure to check it will fit prior to ordering.)  

Q: Where is it made?

A: All Curl Collar's are Hand-Made in Los Angeles, California, USA.

Q: How does it help?

A: The Curl Collar enwraps the neck, shoulders and collarbone area of its user and thus prevents direct contact of a curling iron upon a user of said heated tool. It helps prevent the temporary marks and inflammations that appear on the skin after accidental contact with a curling iron. Prevents burns caused by direct contact of a curling iron with the body of a user, which commonly range in the first- and second-degree burn categories. Prevents blisters caused by first- and second-degree burns. Prevents swelling caused by first- and second-degree burns. Prevents scars caused by second-degree burns. Preserves the intended purpose of curling irons.  Prevents pain from burns caused by curling iron contact. Eliminates the need to treat burns caused by curling iron contact and the costs of treating burns caused by curling iron contact. Prevents the appearance of burn marks on and about the neck, shoulders, and collarbones of the user. Prevents the negative reception that burn marks can have from others. Prevents the creation of marks that appear to be erythemas on and about the neck (commonly referred to as “hickeys” and “passion marks”). Prevents the negative character image associated with erythemas on the neck. Prevents the creation of marks that appear to be results of domestic violence on and about the neck. Prevents the negative social image associated with domestic violence victimization. These are all examples of ways it helps but there is no guarantee. *There is no guarantee using Curl Collar will prevent all burns.